Obama, Romney Beef Jerky Portraits For Jack Link's Put To A Vote (PHOTOS)

Hail to the beef (sorry)! Jack Link's Beef Jerky is at it again -- not content to only immortalize their mascot Sasquatch in beef jerky portrait history, they've set their sights on the presidential race.

Jason Mecier, the San Francisco-based muralist who created beef jerky Sasquatch, is also responsible for these political protein portraits, which used approximately 50 bags of jerky each. In case you're having trouble deciding who to vote for this November, maybe envisioning the candidates in beef jerky will help?

obama romney beef jerky

We've said before that Jack Link's makes the funniest beef jerky commercials around, but now they're getting into the voting game. They explained their "Meathead" election in their press release:

“For years, political and cultural figures have earned the distinction of having their likenesses preserved for all time using the artistic medium of the day,” said Jeff LeFever, director of marketing for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. “In the light-hearted spirit of the brand, we commissioned artworks that used jerky instead of paint. Now, Jack Link’s asks all Americans, ‘which meathead will you vote for?’”

You can vote for your favorite portrait at or on Jack Link's Facebook page. And yes, you can vote for Sasquatch if you want to.

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