Obama, Romney 'Call Me Maybe' Parody Airs On 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Obama, Romney Star In 'Call Me Maybe' Spoof

So this is crazy.

President Barack Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney teamed for a cover of Carly Rae Jepsen's ever-catchy tune "Call Me Maybe." The video is meant to parody the covers performed by SMU women's rowing team and the Harvard baseball team.

Well, OK, so the candidates didn't actually participate in the digitally enhanced spoof, but the folks at "The Tonight Show" pieced together the clip, which, at the very least, threatens to upstage the work by the college sports teams.

After all, can anything rival two middle-aged politicians in suits crisscrossing their arms and legs to the beat of a tween pop hit? We didn't think so.

Still, we can only imagine what Sasha and Malia would think.

Although starring in a parody of "Call Me Maybe" may be beyond the scope of Obama's official duties, the president has taken time to reveal his comedic side by slow jamming the news alongside Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night."

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