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Obama Complained, "Jesus, I Wish They'd Stop Grabbing My Ass": New Book (VIDEO)

11/22/2009 05:12am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

***UPDATE 7:47PM*** Christopher Andersen appeared on Hardball tonight to discuss his new book about the Obamas' marriage. Scroll down for the video.


According to a new book, Barack and Michelle Obama's marriage was strained on the campaign trail because of all the women throwing themselves at the future president.

In "Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage," Christopher Andersen writes that women were constantly trying to attach themselves to Obama on the campaign trail.

After an appearance in Peoria, Illinois, the future president reportedly said as he got into his car, "Jesus, I wish they'd stop grabbing my ass."

Michelle Obama, writes Andersen, "was not amused" and thought her husband was "loving it." She "resorted to giving him the silent treatment."

The New York Daily News reported on the book on Sunday. Some more highlights: Michelle shot down the idea of Hillary Clinton for vice president, and she also convinced Barack to use the catchphrase "Yes We Can." (He thought it was "childish" and "corny.")

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