Obama Drinks Beer On Live TV In Pre-Super Bowl Interview

WASHINGTON -- NBC's Savannah Guthrie not only landed a big interview with President Barack Obama ahead of the Super Bowl, she also earned the opportunity to have a beer with the commander in chief on live TV.

During a live interview ahead of Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, Guthrie and Obama stood in the White House kitchen and sipped Honey Ale that had been brewed at the White House itself. Obama noted that he was the "first president since George Washington to make some booze in the White House."

Obama noted that the beer was made with honey from Michelle Obama's garden and had been "well-reviewed."

When Guthrie took only a few sips of her beer, Obama joked that she should finish before proceeding with the rest of the interview.

"It'll make it go smoother," the president said.

Obama also told Guthrie that he preferred chips and guacamole to wings, saying he was "a fanatic about guac."

Read more of Obama's pre-Super Bowl interview here.



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