Obama Shirtless In Hawaii (PHOTOS)

Obama Shirtless In Hawaii (PHOTOS)


Barack and his gals (wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Natasha) were spotted doing some pre-Christmas sunning on the security-riddled lovely coast of Kailua, Hawaii. And NO, we don't know where you can purchase Michelle's sensible one-piece.

Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE pics of your pec-tacular President-elect.

Monday's pool report (below) confirmed that the President-elect went to the gym despite being on vacation. No surprise here... the consistent workouts appear to be paying off:

President-elect Barack Obama's motorcade left his Kailua vacation home at 7:08 a.m. He and Michelle Obama arrived at Semper Fit Center on Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kaneohe Bay at 7:19 a.m. to workout...

...Barack Obama left the gym at 8:08 a.m. He waved to about 20 onlookers who had gathered in the parking lot (some couldn't move their cars if they wanted to because of the motorcade). A few of them had cell phones and cameras out, ready to take pictures.

Obama went around his SUV and decided to greet the small group that had gathered. He shook hands and chatted briefly before saying, "Happy Holidays guys. I appreciate your service."

The motorcade headed back to Obama's vacation home at 8:11 a.m.

Michelle Obama did not leave with the president-elect. Pool is told she is staying behind for a longer workout.

Some in the media are wondering how that paparazzo got those shots, considering that the Secret Service has banned photographers and reporters from coming close to the oceanfront estate where Obama is staying.

The Washington Post
spoke to Bauer-Griffin co-owner Frank Griffin, who wouldn't name the photographer beyond saying he's a contractor who lives in Hawaii and claimed that the paparazzo had tacit approval to shoot Obama since it's a public beach:

"The guy just walked along there. He had a camera in his hand. He wasn't hiding behind the bushes. He took some pictures. Everybody saw him. And then he walked off," Griffin said. "It was as simple as that"...

"He wasn't hiding behind the trees, he wasn't on a boat and he wasn't doing anything that we are used to doing," Griffin said.

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