Obama Campaign Sign Vandalized With Racist Message In Front Of Texas Woman's Home (PHOTO)

A Texas woman said one of her neighbors had to inform her of removing a sign on her front lawn that was vandalized with racially insensitive and vulgar language.

According to The Raw Story , a 34-year-old Mckinney, Texas, resident named Cassy Zobel discovered that someone had covered her Obama yard sign with the words "NIGGER LOVER--Obama Sucks D*ck!" on Friday morning. Although she uncovered the sign and replaced it on her lawn, it was then stolen on Sunday night.

Zobel, who is white, identifies herself on her blog "Blue Chick in a Red Barn," as a liberal feminist in the heart of Texas. She took to the website on Friday to issue a response and a warning to the culprit.

Well, here’s something for you…The police have been here and filed a report. The HOA has been notified, and my sign is uncovered and back in my yard. I’m not afraid of you and your bigotry. Cameras are being installed and WHEN we catch you messing with our sign you will, quite appropriately be charged with the felony this is and smacked with the associated $2,000 fine.

Zobel told blogger Egberto Willies she was horrified by the sign and the idea of her neighbors seeing it.

"We have at least 4 African American families living on this street. I’m so offended," she said. "Not just because whoever did this is ignorant and misinformed and trespassed and vandalized my sign, but infinitely more for my neighbors who might have driven by and seen it.”

She said the suspect who stole the sign Sunday was caught on camera and appeared to be a white male in his 40s.

The vandalization is the latest in a slew of recent Obama attacks popping up around the country as election day creeps closer. Three "lynched" empty chairs with signs that read "Nobama" were found hanging at a home near a public park in Centreville, Virginia, after a Texas homeowner started the mysterious trend that some are calling racially insensitive.

In Kentucky, customers were shocked by the "Obama bop" punching bag being sold in a local hardware store.

Despite the attack, Zobel said her support for the president is unyielding.

“I support the President because he believes in all people, he prefers diplomacy to bombs, and he is part of the party of inclusion, not exclusion,” she explained. “I support him because he believes that food and medicine for our kids shouldn’t be put on the table for cuts before tax breaks for big corporations. I support him because he supports my right to determine what I do with my body and what my daughter someday chooses to do with hers.”

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