Obama Soundbites Faked in PAC Attack Ad on CNN Moments Ago

Just moments ago, at 10:55 pm EST on CNN a PAC attack ad ran from something called "letfreedomring.com" in which Sen. Obama's voice is heard arguing against various weapons systems. These appear to be fake soundbites.

The ad's clear aim it to instill real fear into voters hours before the polls open that a President Obama would leave the nation without defense systems, traditional and nuclear.

Are others seeing or hearing this ad elsewhere, or in robocalls?

I don't recall a presidential candidate's voice being faked before in a television ad, and I strongly suspect that this is what was done.

I do not believe Obama has said any of the things I heard. Reminds me of the Bush attacks on Dukakis in 1988 for being against weapons systems that Dukakis did not oppose.

If others see this, I hope they will post or comment.