Obama Staff Profiles: Stephanie Cutter

I had a very weird feeling the other day as I watched Stephanie Cutter trying so hard to sustain Obama's debt-ceiling increase push on MSNBC. As even the radical Left howled about Obama's wimpy cave-in, it was as if a cult member was standing up for her perfect leader with total obliviousness that the leader is taking her -- and us -- for a ride.

Of course Cutter would never publicly admit any fault with her president, as she is the Deputy Senior Advisor to Obama. And Cutter had a very special assignment as the point-person to sell-through to Americans who watch MSNBC the fact that this president is in the right about getting the debt-ceiling increased (even if only temporarily) so that he may continue his profligate spending on worthless and outright dumb programs.

This soliloquy by an administration talking head could only have taken place on MSNBC as Fox News would never broadcast it.

Let's take a closer look at who Stephanie Cutter is and what her background is:

First thing about Stephanie Cutter is she's a very smart cookie. And she obviously knows it. No humility there.

Having been recurrently called "a democratic operative," Cutter was born in Massachusetts and went to Smith College and Georgetown Law School. She obviously got a great education and I've always thought the world of Smith girls but the downside of Smith girls is that they receive a kind of indoctrination into a belief system which says, "those who go to Smith are better than everybody else." This of course, is in perfect lock-step with the above-mentioned absence of humbleness.

Cutter's Wikipedia profile is suspiciously devoid of accomplishments or real results, relying instead on titles, politicians she worked for and dates with very little bona fide substance. I know she's a confirmed "Democratic operative" but now she's sucking down taxpayer money and representing us -- shouldn't we know more about her?

Well what is public record about her is that in addition to working for the president currently she got started working with Michelle Obama in a sort of damage-control role fighting the First Lady's detractors.

Before that, she has a perfect Liberal, big-spending pedigree having been a top aide to Ted Kennedy, helped John Edwards then John Kerry during their awful 2004 presidential runs and Harry Reid. Seven years prior in various roles for Bill Clinton would seem to explain her meteoric rise through the Democratic Party. Oh yes, and let's not overlook her role as "counselor" to abysmally incompetent Treasury Secretary Geithner. Democratic operative is right.

But why can't we know more about what she's actually done?

Besides the above very superficial info which might be found her resume, I could find nothing else out about this operative. Her Wikipedia entry is amazingly indistinct; as hazy as any I've seen for much less accomplished people. It's as if the entire Internet and other sources have been scrubbed clean.

I did find something this smart cookie did which was less than admirable: in 2003, during Kerry's presidential race, Cutter was caught red-handed trying to manipulate the media which we all know responds with wrath to those trying to do so. In saying Cutter got a "deserved smackdown," The Daily Kos also called her a "moron of the nth degree." Smith College would be furious.

We do know about Ms. Cutter that she founded Cutter Media Group, is single, lives in Washington and loves dogs. However, I and others would like to know more.

From 2007 to 2008, Cutter Media Group was paid more than $101,000 by the Committee for a Democratic Majority -- a worrisome name indeed for anyone believing in smaller government, lower taxes or individual freedoms.

Gee, shouldn't we know more about those who work in our White House? That's what this column aims to do; investigate those in power at the public's expense who may or may not be serving the public good.