Pro-Obama Super PAC Attacks Mitt Romney's Business Record

One day after President Barack Obama's reelection campaign launched videos and a website attacking Mitt Romney's record at private equity firm Bain Capital, a pro-Obama super PAC is launching a $4 million ad campaign and a website attacking Romney on the same issue.

Priorities USA Action released a 30-second ad Tuesday morning on the closure of the Kansas City plant of GST Steel, which Bain Capital acquired in 1993. The ad features steelworker Pat Wells, who lost his job at the plant.

"With Romney and Bain Capital, the objective was to make money," Wells says. "Whether the companies they came in and worked with made money or not was irrelevant. Bain Capital always made money."

The Obama campaign's documentary-style ads also focused on the closure of GST Steel's plant and featured former steelworkers who lost their jobs and benefits following the bankruptcy.

Ads from both the super PAC and Obama's campaign are going up in Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Priorities USA's ads will also air in Florida, and the Obama campaign's ads will play in Iowa.

Romney's Bain Capital tenure has been targeted for political attacks since he first ran for the U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994. Former GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and his aligned super PAC also attacked Romney's record.

Amid a lagging economy, the former Massachusetts governor is running on his business experience to help create jobs. The Obama campaign and Priorities USA are seeking to portray him as a corporate takeover artist who comes in and destroys people's jobs.