Obama Surges Past Hillary In Pledged Delegates, Children's Book Sales

He beat her in the last eight primaries. He's beating her in the popular vote. He's beating her in pledged delegates, artsy music videos and Kennedy family members — and now, he's beating her in children's book sales. On the February 24th edition of the New York Times best seller list — which inexplicably is released now but not published until the weekend after February 24th — #9 on the Children's Paperback list will be proudly occupied by Barack Obama: An American Story by Roberta Edwards, published by Grosset & Dunlap, a Penguin children's imprint. Grosset & Dunlap also published Hillary Clinton: Am American Journey by Laura Driscoll , which has not yet hit the list. Both books were published in August 2007 (at the same time); this is the first time either title has hit the list. Chalk another one up for Obamomentum!

Here are close-ups of the covers for your viewing enjoyment. Buy them both together for a children's book dream ticket!