Obama Takes On The Black Community's Homophobia

Obama Takes On The Black Community's Homophobia

While the media concentrates on the verbal slaps between the Obama and Clinton camps, there hasn't been much traction on what Barack Obama said to a black church in Atlanta on Sunday.

"If we are honest with ourselves, we'll acknowledge that our own community has not always been true to King's vision of a beloved community," Obama told 2,000 worshippers Sunday at Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church, where King once preached.

"We have scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them."

That's a pretty strong stand to take in a community, and in a church no less, where homophobia is considered rampant.

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While the bipartisan love fest Obama has been talking about may grate the ears of hardcore Democrats, no one can accuse him of triangulation on this issue of tolerance and equity.

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