Obama Tells Democrats To Vote: Yeah, We Tried That

The DNC is up to its eyeballs in corruption. Better together?
The DNC is up to its eyeballs in corruption. Better together?

If there’s one major take away from Obama’s speech in Philadelphia last night, it’s that our president is not afraid of mind-melting non sequiturs. His declaration that Hillary is “the most qualified candidate in American history” was particularly bold (especially when you factor in that Obama once called her a liar who will “say anything, and change nothing”), but there was another key moment that really accentuated the Democrats’ lack of respect for the American people. 

 This moment came when Obama mentioned Donald Trump, the Republican sociopath, and so of course the Donald’s name was met with defiant boos. Barack Obama’s response beggars belief. 

“Don’t boo. Vote,” urged the leader of a political party that chose its nominee before a single vote was cast, and then did everything in its power to undermine Bernie Sanders

Hundreds of thousands of Democrats were prevented from voting during the primaries, and a new investigation has found that Sanders lost as many as 184 delegates to election fraud. Sorry about all that. Now that the “correct” candidate has been crowned, it’s time to vote early and often!

But the DNC e-mails released by Wikileaks are really the icing on the turd cake. 

Money laundering, collusion with the media, plots to discredit Sanders ― it’s all there, in plain HTML. There was never any serious consideration given to creating a level playing field in which party members could choose the candidate that best represented their views. The DNC was essentially an arm of the Clinton campaign. As Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi wrote

What’s patently obvious from these emails is that there was virtually no distinction between DNC and Clinton campaign officials when it came to the handling of this media problem. They were all on the same team, working in tandem to try to talk down the likes of Vogel and Emery.

Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign is treated as an enemy.

The leaked e-mails ― and there’s more on the way ― paint a very clear picture. Even Harry Reid, the Senate minority leader and callous Democratic power broker, stated plainly last night that Bernie Sanders wasn’t given a fair shot: “I knew ― everybody knew ― that this was not a fair deal”. 

Dennis Kucinich made a similar statement about the DNC and its democratic virtues: “This is horrible. The Democratic National Committee was secretly working to try and undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign in every way they could.”

 The fix is in, friends. The DNC has shown open disdain for the democratic process. Money laundering, conspiring with media outlets to frame narratives, and malicious smear campaigns against their own party members ― nothing is beneath the Democratic Party leadership. (And when they get caught, Hillary still hooks them up with a job. Imagine that.)

But remember: Obama wants everyone to vote. Didn’t we already try that?