Obama Throws a Game

Had it been an NBA game he might be investigated. But this is presidential politics and for whatever reasons -- maybe good ones -- Barack Obama didn't even try to win last night's debate.

Headlines such as "Liberals Livid at Obama Performance" won't hurt him among swing voters. And it won't hurt Democrats to lure GOP donors into thinking Romney has a chance at a moment when they were threatening to shift funds to House and Senate races.

It has been humorous to watch Romney's delusional tribe dance rituals around the campfire, simply because the cavalry took a nap. And agitated liberals really ought to calm down. Obama has never been a heavy lifter in debates, but still managed to get elected.

Whenever analyzing Obama, always know he takes the long view of most situations, rightly or wrongly. And he knows history doesn't really care who wins or loses debates. Their instant outcomes seldom affect the ultimate verdict on Election Day. I remember when we thought George W. Bush was going down because he flubbed the debates against John Kerry.

Perhaps Obama simply didn't bring his best game because he hasn't got one. I doubt it. No, I think he threw this debate on purpose. It's worth remembering that those who've played basketball against him say he usually fools around in the beginning, but closes strong in the finish.