Obama In Jordan, Meeting With King Abdullah

Bloomberg news recaps Obama's Mideast trip so far:

Middle Eastern and European leaders are lining up to hear what Barack Obama has to say on his seven- country tour this week. For his presidential campaign, what he says on the trip may not be as important as the photos and videos it produces.

``The visual images will say that he can play in the major leagues, and that will be very important for him,'' said Lee Hamilton, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana and one of Obama's foreign-policy advisers.

Barack Obama is meeting with the monarch of Jordan on Tuesday before holding an availability with his traveling press corps -- the first of his overseas tour. The Jordan Times details the stop.

The King and Obama are expected to discuss the future of Jordan-US ties and developments in the region, especially the Middle East peace process.

The official added that His Majesty would underline Jordan's keenness on a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its support for the Palestinians' right to an independent and viable state.