Obama Unhappy With Congress Over Export-Import Bank & Budget

Senate Chambers Minneapolis Minnesota State Capitol Capital Building.
Senate Chambers Minneapolis Minnesota State Capitol Capital Building.

By, Siraj Hashmi

How do issues like re-authorization of the Export-Import Bank and passing a balanced budget impact millennials?

If you're a millennial looking to get a good job in a strong economy or even start a business on your own, they can either give you a significant advantage on the world stage or set you back.

While Congress is in the middle of its summer recess, President Obama expressed his displeasure with Congress's failure to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank as well as pass a balanced budget. Obama believes their inaction has negatively impacted American jobs and the economy.

The Export-Import Bank provides loans to aid the export of American goods and services. Passing a balanced budget would set a limit on the amount of money the federal government spends on programs like healthcare or education.

Meanwhile, Senator John Thune (R-South Dakota) put the onus on his colleagues in Congress to get something done about the budget.

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