Obama Using Cross Flyer In Kentucky

CBN's David Brody reports on a new Obama flyer in Kentucky showing the candidate in front of a large illuminated cross:

I have been telling Brody File readers for months that if Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee he will make a pitch to win over independent/moderate Evangelicals. Well, we now have evidence. ...

In Kentucky, he is making a direct appeal to Evangelicals with flyers that mention his conversion experience and they highlight a big old cross. Remember Mike Huckabee's supposed subliminal cross in his Christmas campaign ad? Well, the Obama campaign ditches the subliminal and goes for the in your face cross.

Here's a small version of the ad -- the full version is here:

Race42008.com's Doug Forrester, who obtained the flyer, writes:

Supposedly Barack Obama's not playing for Kentucky. You could have fooled me. He's got 16 offices in the state next to Hillary's 5. Hillary has no office west of Louisville. Barack Obama's offices go from the West Virginia border to the Mississippi River. I visited one of Barack's offices today. ...

This is how Obama is appealing to Kentuckians. I had just finished doing an undisclosed activity at Church and a friend asked me to check out Barack Obama. I couldn't say no to my Lutheran friend.

So I drive up to the Obama office and I noticed a crudely spray-painted image of Barack Obama and a cross. So my friend and I walked in. A cross on the wall and a tall black man (a Professor of mine) greeted me. Behind him were two elderly ladies wearing crosses.

So they launched into their pitch about how Obama would care for the poor and the "least among these."