Obama Valentine's Day Dinner: President And First Lady Dine At Vermilion Restaurant

President, First Lady Dine Out For Valentine's Day

"Today is Valentine's Day," said President Obama on Tuesday. The commander-in-chief continued with a useful pointer: "Do not forget."

Obama followed his own advice on this year's day of love. Per a White House Pool report, he took First Lady Michelle Obama out for a romantic meal on Tuesday evening:

POTUS and FLOTUS left white house at 7:00 pm in presidential suv for 25 minute trip to Alexandria for a valentines day dinner. Pool did not see POTUS but am reliably informed that he was not wearing a tie, Motorcade stopped at lights and crawled through downtown Alexandria. Destination was Vermillion restaurant.

Motorcade was uneventful except for heavy traffic and one white lincoln that kept trying to cut into the procession.

Pool now holding at Hard Rock Cafe

Dave Cook

Speaking Tuesday with Fox 5 Atlanta, Obama explained of his plans, "I've gotta take my wife out to dinner. And I would advise anybody watching to make sure they don't miss out on this."

Although they dined away from the gaze of photographers, the Obamas have never been shy about expressing their affection for each other in public. The president even sent the first lady a Twitter Valentine:

Click here for a slideshow of some of their most romantic moments.

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this story, the president's tweet was incorrectly attributed to Bo, the Obama's dog. When the president personally writes a tweet, he signs the messages with his initials ("bo"). We regret the error.

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