Obama On 'The View:' President Corrects Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Gay Marriage Position (VIDEO)

President Obama corrected Elisabeth Hasselbeck about his position on gay marriage on Tuesday's "The View."

Obama announced that he believes same-sex couples have the right to marry last Wednesday. Shortly afterwards, Hasselbeck, who has been a vocal supporter of gay marriage, raised criticism that he has "long held both positions" on the issue.

On Tuesday, the president appeared on the daytime show for his first interview since the announcement. He spoke about how he arrived at his support of same-sex marriage.

Hasselbeck wanted to know how he would approach the issue differently now. She argued that he and Mitt Romney "actually agreed personally on the definition of marriage" until last week. She wondered how Obama would "move things forward any more than Mitt Romney in terms of leaving it to the states. Because at this point, you both said leave it to the states to decide."

"Elisabeth, that's actually not true," Obama responded. "OK," Hasselbeck replied.

Obama said that Romney wanted a "constitutional amendment," which "federalizes" a ban on gay marriage.

Later, Hasselbeck also brought up an old interview in which Obama said he would be held "accountable" for the economy in 2012. "How do you grade yourself honestly in terms how you've done in terms of economics? she asked him.

Obama replied that his administration "still [has] work to do."



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