Obama's White House Counsel: Robert Bauer?


Attorney Robert Bauer has been mentioned as a possible pick for White House Counsel in an Obama administration. The ABA Journal recently assessed his chances:

As a partisan regular with a street-fighter's zeal, Bauer has earned a reputation among some Republicans as the "focus of all evil." But they weren't all that crazy about him in the Hillary Clinton campaign either. In March, Bauer crashed a Clinton campaign conference call with reporters, calling into question a charge that Obama workers had violated Texas party rules during post-primary caucuses. An early Obama supporter, Bauer is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post website.

He helped represent Minority Leader Tom Daschle during the Senate impeachment trial of Bill Clinton and was general counsel to Bill Bradley's presidential campaign. He's considered one of the nation's top experts on the intricacies of campaign finance and writes about it regularly on More Soft Money Hard Law, a law blog devoted to campaign finance.

Bauer has also blogged for HuffPost. Read his work here.

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