Obama White House Counsel: Mark Alexander?

Mark C. Alexander has been mentioned as a possible pick for White House Counsel in an Obama administration. The ABA journal recently wrote about why he might be chosen:

This former litigator with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher may have a day job as a constitutional scholar, but Alexander's resumé is rooted in ground-level politics. His father, Clifford Alexander, was secretary of the Army under President Carter.

He is a senior adviser to Obama's campaign, having served as issues director for Bill Bradley's 2000 presidential drive.

He's had teaching gigs as a Fulbright scholar in Spain and as a visiting scholar at Yale Law School. He's also worked for Democratic Sens. Ted Kennedy and Howard Metzenbaum; was general counsel for Newark, N.J., Mayor Corey Booker's 2006 campaign; and even served a two-year term as an elected official in his hometown, Washington, D.C.

Read more about Mark C. Alexander via his Seton Hall Law school bio.