Bizarre GOP Ad Paints Women As Obama's Girlfriends

A Republican multimillionaire is behind a new ad urging women to vote against President Barack Obama's "friends" to get back at him for being a disappointing boyfriend.

Politico first reported on the 60-second spot from Americans for Shared Prosperity, a super PAC founded by top GOP donor John Jordan, a California-based winery owner.

"In 2008 I fell in love," the ad's narrator begins. "His online profile made him seem so perfect. Smart, handsome, charming, articulate, all the right values. I trusted him."

The ad uses a similar trope to other GOP spots in having supposedly former Obama voters say they have become disenchanted with the president.

"By 2012 our relationship was in trouble, but I stuck with him because he promised he'd be better," the narrator continues, citing the economy and National Security Agency surveillance as two areas in which the president had upset her.

"He thinks the only thing I care about is free birth control, but he won't even let me keep my own doctor," she adds, referring to the Affordable Care Act complaint that patients can't always keep their plans and doctors, which has been the focus of numerous Republican ads in races across the country this cycle.

Though Obama isn't on the ballot this year, the ad's narrator concludes by suggesting that those watching should dump "his friends," without specifically mentioning Democrats or any particular candidates.

Jordan, whose wineries last year released a "Blurred Lines" parody featuring scantily clad women, told Politico that the purpose of the ad "is to treat women voters more like adults than either the Democrats or Republicans have.”

Conservatives seemed to respond positively to the ad, with one blogger writing that the ad is "probably the best comeback to the asinine -- but with single women, apparently effective -- Democrat 'war on women' meme that centers around abortion."

The discussion around the ad is reminiscent of the reception that Lena Dunham's "first time" ad received in 2012, when the "Girls" creator and director spoke in support of Obama by wryly comparing voting for the first time to having sex for the first time.



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