'Barry From DC': President Obama Surprises Talk Radio Show With Call-In

Outgoing Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine got a surprise on his radio show Tuesday -- a phone call from President Barack Obama.

Kaine was taking calls during his final appearance on his "Ask the Governor" program when a producer announced that there was a call from "Barry in DC." The White House says the station knew it was the president but it was a surprise to Kaine.

Kaine's show airs on WTOP, a Washington-area radio station. The station's Web site says Obama jokingly told Kaine he had complaints about northern Virginia's notorious traffic. He then thanked Kaine for his service as governor and wished his family all the best during the Christmas season.

"We continue to think your wife is probably a little superior to you, as I think people think about the first lady, but you and me have to stick together since we're married to better people," Obama joked.

Kaine ends his term as governor in January. Obama has appointed him chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Kaine "was genuinely stunned," WTOP News Director Mike McMearty told Politico. The station was organizing the surprise for months. "He's about the only guy" in the studio " who didn't know."

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