President Obama Yogurt Spill: Kolbi Zerbest, Colorado College Student, Says It Wasn't Her Fault

Did This College Student Spill Yogurt On Obama? (VIDEO)

A student at the University of Colorado at Boulder says she isn't to blame for spilling her yogurt on President Obama.

The president stopped by a popular student hangouts while on campus Tuesday to address college students and a federal student loan interest rate that could double this summer. While greeting students, Obama's pants were splashed with yogurt.

"You got me!" Obama quipped.

Kolbi Zerbest, a CU freshman, spoke on MSNBC's Morning Joe Wednesday, saying a photographer spilled the snack on the president.

Zerbest said the Secret Service had already instructed everyone to place their snacks on the ground, so nothing was thrown at Obama.

"We were standing there, and he starts coming closer down the line, and he starts coming closer to us," Zerbest explained. "I had placed it on the ground, and as he came closer to shake our hands, paparazzi came up from behind me and kicked the cup, and it got onto the president's leg."

Zerbest also went on the Today Show, where she said more of it was spilled on her and a Secret Service agent than on Obama.

After Obama discovered it was Zerbest's snack, she told him she was "very embarrassed."

"You've got a good story to tell," the president responded. "You can say, 'Well, I just spilled yogurt all over the president and the Secret Service.'"

A few hours later, Zerbest was initiated into the Alpha Phi sorority.

"All in all," Zerbest said on Today, "I would say it was a pretty eventful and pretty memorable day for me."

The president also made the rounds Tuesday afternoon in a popular dive restaurant and bar called The Sink to visit CU students.

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