Such Fail: HHS Adopts Stray Doge To Hawk Obamacare

No, this article will not start with a series of fragmented sentences expressing mock enthusiasm. Because if there was any question the "doge" meme had outlived its welcome when a handful of Republican lawmakers adopted it last December, a tweet sent out Wednesday by the Department of Health and Human Services should act as confirmation.

Convincing young adults to sign up for Obamacare has always been a concern for the Obama administration, which has led to some questionable ad campaigns. While the ironic use of poor grammar and cute dogs (and cats) may have proven successful at generating internet buzz about Obamacare, some critics have been quick to mock the ongoing co-optation of memes for more serious purposes. What’s next? Offering an Obamacare discount if your Social Security number ends in repeating digits?

Watch HuffPost Live’s coverage of the tweet and following reactions above.



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