Obamacare Enrollees Don't Have To Reset Their Passwords: HHS

Obamacare Reps Mistakenly Tell Callers Passwords Were Deleted

People who created online accounts on the website healthcare.gov don’t have to change their passwords, even though they may have been told by a call center representative that all passwords were deleted.

CNN reported Thursday that one of its staffers was told by a call center representative that “all passwords were deleted for existing accounts as part of the upgrade process.” That’s not the case, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, which runs Obamacare.

“Individuals who have registered on healthcare.gov can continue to log in with their current password,” HHS wrote in an e-mailed statement to The Huffington Post.

Some call center representatives were inadvertently given a script for a short period telling people to reset their passwords, an HHS spokesperson said. The agency has since corrected the mistake. When a HuffPost staffer called the Obamacare customer service center Thursday morning, the representative who answered didn’t say anything about a password reset.

The most high-profile phase of the roll out of President Obama’s health care reform law has been plagued by glitches. When healthcare.gov -- the website where many Americans sign up to buy coverage through the health insurance exchanges under Obamacare -- launched last week, many of the millions who flooded the website to sign up were met with error screens and long wait times.

White House officials have said programmers are working around the clock to fix the problems, which they blamed in part on too much traffic that overwhelmed the site.

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