Don't Worry, Republicans Are <em>Still</em> Working On A Plan To Replace Obamacare


If you've been holding your breath for the promised Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act, you may be in for some bad news.

Four years after its passage, Republicans have yet to deliver on their oft-repeated refrain of "repeal and replace" by presenting a viable program that would achieve the same goals as Obamacare. But not to fear, they're still working on it.

"You know, the discussions about Obamacare and what the replacement bill would look like continue," House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told reporters on Thursday. "We're trying to build consensus around one plan. Not there yet."

Those remarks follow the party's April decision to delay a promised alternative yet again because Republicans were unable to coalesce around a winner. That's not to say they haven't offered proposals to replace Obamacare -- indeed many have. But the party sees no upside to offering up sensitive details months before an election when the law remains significantly unpopular.

In fact, Boehner is so intent on keeping the focus on Obamacare that he is trying to sue the Obama administration for failing to implement a portion of the law in a timely manner. That despite reports that over 10 million previously uninsured people gained health coverage primarily due to the Affordable Care Act.

But for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a true believer who helped force a government shutdown last year due to his fervent objection to the health care law, the fight is not over -- at least not until 2017.

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