ObamaCare: Run the Government Like You Raise Your Children

I vote that we make decisions with our children in mind. When in doubt, the government should ask, "What do I want for my children?" The answers should be clear.
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Shutting the government down is like putting your 40-year-old children in time out. The punishment will not be effective after years of bad parenting. After years of bad management, how can you expect the government to be effective now? As a mom, I would like to take a stab at solving the ObamaCare issue. I suggest that we take the basic principles of child rearing and apply them to our government's current issues.

When I raised my children, I always looked at the end game first. That is, what am I trying to accomplish? I want my children to be safe, healthy and educated. So, what is the purpose of our government? What is the government's end game? The government's end game is the same as those that I have for my children.

I would like our government to keep us safe. So, I would fund the military, police, fireman and any other safety-based services first. Emergency equipment and personnel would be a priority. If there was a terrible tragedy, we could depend on our government to help us.

Next, the education of our children is the key to our present and future existence. Funding for the best educational system in the world would be my next area of investment. Education would be a top priority with top technology, regardless of where schools were located. Teachers and safety workers would be highly paid and everyone would covet these positions.

The third priority would be to help us all to be healthy. Just as I would not want a corporation to raise my children, I certainly do not want a corporation to determine my health care decisions. Right now, insurance and pharmaceutical companies drive our health care system. I want the freedom to make my own health care decisions, just as I want to make my own parental decisions.

I would prefer to have a top-notch health care system funded by our federal government. Everyone is eligible. Pre-existing conditions are not an issue. Your financial condition is not an issue. The government would also take the lead in health care innovation. In no way would the government's leadership in these areas deter private innovation. There would be opportunities for the private sector to form companies and invent products to entice the government to purchase from them. Capitalism would survive.

I would love for my children to be able to travel safely from place to place. Ideally, they would visit the world and travel. I would like them to have an appreciation for nature and a respect for other cultures, as well as their own. With that in mind, core infrastructure would be the next priority of the government. Roads, bridges, trains, parks and streets are built and maintained. These areas also include our utility structures and services. Energy decisions would be guided by a respect for nature as well as innovative ideas. The government would be a place that promoted peace and kindness throughout the world. Like we teach our children, our country should treat others as we would like to be treated.

I would like my children to be independent and free with a strong financial base. I expect my children to spend less than they make and pay their bills on time. I expect the same for my government. The government should have strong savings and a strong credit rating. I would like my children to be kind and help others. Charitable giving would be a cornerstone in their financial planning. The government should be charitable as well, making sure that the families of disabled children have the resources that they need. I want my children to have freedom of choice so that they can find their passion in life. f they have to consider health care as a critical component to this search, they will have difficulty living to their maximum potential.

Like child-rearing, all decisions are based on these principles. I would call myself a successful parent if my children remained safe and healthy. If they became independent adults with a passion for life and were kind to others, I would have done my job. If our government kept us safe, was financially sound and provided a safe and efficient infrastructure, I would be pleased. A strong educational system would make me feel as if my children had a firm foundation. If I didn't have to consider health care as a critical component to my life's decisions, I would feel free to enjoy my life.

I vote that we make decisions with our children in mind. When in doubt, the government should ask, "What do I want for my children?" The answers should be clear.

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