Obamacare: What Part Are You Against?

After the Great Depression we got the New Deal. During President Lyndon Johnson"s Administration we got the Great Society and his War on Poverty that yielded Medicare (Medical Care). Now after the Great Recession, we have the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Here are a few questions you can ask those who oppose the law. And to those who are unaware of some of the simple things the law provides, tell me which of these are you for or against?

Do you think insurance companies should be able to deny an individual or a child/baby health insurance for a pre-existing condition?

After the Great Recession many young people coming out of college and even today have had difficulty (more than any other living generation) finding a job. Should they be denied access to health insurance based on actions of those that came before them. Isn't it a good thing they can stay on their parents insurance until they're 26?

Should women, the head of many households and the one that keeps many more stabilized, be penalized simply for being a woman? Shouldn't mammograms and other preventative care measures be free to those who bring us into the world?

Do you want health insurance companies to spend more money on bonuses and executive salaries than on your health?

If you say you are against any of these, please tell us why? And if you're going to say the cost of health care premiums, then think about this. Across the country we are seeing premiums in most states decreasing. And in those states where it goes up, lets see what happens after year one and two. If they cannot show they are paying their fair share in health care vs salaries as bonuses they will be penalized.

What you got?