Obama/Gore 2008
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Broken record here. The more I think about it, the more Al Gore seems the only really interesting choice for Barack Obama's vice presidential choice.

Of course, Obama was and is the only really interesting choice for president.

But it would be great to have two top people on the ticket.

But Gore has already been vice president! Two people have served as vice president under two different presidents: George Clinton served as vice president under Jefferson and Madison, and John C. Calhoun served under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson.

People have said Gore has too much ego to be vice president under Obama, but Gore was born to service, more than to glory. I think he did not have enough ego to run a presidential campaign.

He was an excellent vice president under Clinton, and he could be even better under Obama, who could be a much better president than Clinton.

Of course, Obama might be accused of relying on a Washington insider, but Gore has been out of DC for eight years, and has seen, and really conquered, the world, gaining Oscar, Grammy, and Nobel Peace.

He is also the only choice who is not holding elective office. (Sam Nunn is too old, too out of touch.) Senator Bayh would be replaced by a Republican.

And Gore is closest to Obama on the issues. Of greatest importance, both opposed Bush's invasion of Iraq six months before it happened.

Gore would be ready on election to start turning the clock back on global warming. He would help President Obama devise an energy plan.

Gore has the experience that Obama lacks, Obama has the charisma that Gore lacks, and both share a vision of the country and the world that is progressive.

Obama/Gore would trump McCain/Whoever on experience.

Would the people, the electorate, accept the idea?

Well, that is up to us.

Fox Noise Channel, Chris Matthews, Maureen Dowd, and their ilk would start lying, again, about Gore (he said he invented the Internet! he said he was the model for Love Story! he said he discovered Love Canal! wouldn't you prefer to have a beer with Tim Pawlenty?).

But more people voted for Gore in 2000 than for Bush. Gore should be finishing out his second term. That the 2000 election was stolen from Gore (and from us) is all the more horrible because of what happened after Bush was inaugurated. Seven and a half years of hell for the world.

Gore/Obama 2008!

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