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Obama's First 50 Days In Ties: Find Out Which Color He's Worn Most (SLIDESHOW, POLL)

To celebrate President Obama's first 50 days in office, we naturally decided to do an inventory of his ties and find out which colors he's favored. Not surprisingly, the answer is Democratic blue, which he's worn 42.5% of the time while red, a color often associated with Republicans, comes in second at 30%.

On the color spectrum, however, the President leans pretty conservative, so far sticking to blue, red, grey, black or white. It remains to be seen whether he'll take a cue from Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who's a fan of pink, purple, and other pastel shades. (See an analysis of Robert Gibbs' ties here.)

Our very, very scientific research (i.e. making the slideshow below and then counting) yielded the following results.

Tie Tally

President Obama has worn 40 ties since (and including) January 20th.
Of those, here's how they break down by color.

BLUE: 17 (42.5%)
RED: 12 (30%)
GREY: 5 (12.5%)
BLACK: 5 (12.5%)
WHITE: 1 (2.5%)

Don't believe us? Check out our thorough slideshow below. Then tell us which color you most prefer on the President in the poll.

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