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Obama's First Air Force One Trip: Comments On Pilot's Looks, Orders Dinner (VIDEO)

In this segment from National Geographic's upcoming TV series "On Board Air Force One," President Obama boards his first flight on Air Force One--from Chicago to Washington, D.C., when he was still president-elect. He greets the pilot and says "You're the pilot of Air Force One? I've got to say, you're out of central casting. You're exactly what I want the pilot of Air Force One to look like. You look like Sam Shepard in 'The Right Stuff'."

He's then offered his first Air Force One meal. After a quick glance at the menu, Obama says he wants "to see how you guys do a burger," cooked medium-well, with cheddar cheese, dijon mustard (Grey Poupon--which he also likes in his tuna salad--will do), with lettuce and tomato. He also requests some salad or vegetables. When the waiter asks, "No fries?" He replies, "Oh, I'll still take the fries."



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