Obama's India Trip Terrorized By Monkeys (VIDEO)


Though President Obama's trip has yet to face any major setbacks, New Delhi forces aren't taking any chances in battling one of the city's most unusual threats -- packs of stray monkeys, which have been known to bite children and terrorize government offices.

As MSNBC reports, authorities have been on high "primate alert" since the president touched down in India on Saturday. Tens of thousands of monkeys have reportedly adapted too well to urban life, and have been known to swarm around government buildings and residential areas, particularly in the forest-border area close to the hotel where the Obamas are staying during their visit.

And the animals certainly seem to be a viable threat. In 2007, New Delhi Deputy Mayor S.S. Bajwa, 52, reportedly died after suffering serious head injuries while trying to fight off monkeys which attacked him on the terrace of his home.

Though many monkeys have already been captured, they don't face any more serious threats, as the animal is highly revered by the Hindu religion.

Watch video of New Delhi's stray monkeys here:

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