Obama's Kindergarten Paintings Found!

Don't let the Osama Bin Laden stunt distract you! Even though Barack Obama released his long form birth certificate, critical thinking Americans are still suspicious of the president's credentials as a U.S. citizen. Birther of birtherism and tireless dentist Orly Taitz, is poking around for other rotten cavities in Obama's biography. Adobe expert Robert Stanley quickly produced what he claims is forensic evidence that the long-form is a forgery, rushing his data to presidential hopeful and late-date birther Donald Trump for his exacting scrutiny. Trump has already added much to the birther inquiry by reporting that someone told him that they'd heard from someone that Obama had a questionable college record.

I'd like to add that Obama's suspicious behavior goes back much further than college. I've heard that as early as kindergarten Obama made subversive, anti-American, fascist, Communist finger paintings. So I investigated and found what I've heard are actual finger paintings made by Obama. Obama, if that IS your real name, release your complete finger-painting portfolio! Or the American people will have to assume these are yours.

This Black Panther speaks for itself.
How could Obama make such a realistic looking elephant you ask? It's easy when you're raised surrounded by them... in Kenya.
The star and crescent which represent Obama's Muslim faith.
The sun and its rays are a clear reference to the swastika. There are five rays, not four, but remember, we've heard that Obama was a terrible student and was, I'm sure, terrible at math and couldn't count.
Sliced cake? More like a call for redistributing food and wealth, the abolition of private property, and Socialist revolution.