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Obama's Midterm Style Report Card (PHOTOS)

Obama isn't the second coming of JFK. But he's still the sharpest dressed Commander-in-Chief in decades.
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He came into office promising hope, change, and a return to Kennedy-esque style. So, has he delivered? We'll leave it to the pundits to hash out the first two points, but in the sartorial department the president's record is decidedly mixed. No, he's not the second coming of JFK. But he's still--mom jeans and mandals notwithstanding--the sharpest dressed commander-in-chief in decades. Here, a fair and balanced look back at Obama's sartorial highs (smartly-tailored suits, nicely-knotted ties) and lows (smartphone holsters--more than once!).

Text and captions by Gilt MANual, the Web's most entertaining guide to men's style.

Obama's Midterm Style Report Card