Obama's New York Apartment: President's Former Upper West Side Pad For Rent (PHOTOS)

NEW YORK — The New York City apartment where Barack Obama lived in the 1980s is available for rent. But there's no guarantee it'll inspire presidential aspirations in the next occupant.

The two-bedroom railroad apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side is listed for $2,400 a month.

When Obama shared the 109th Street apartment with a roommate while attending Columbia University, the monthly rent was $360.

Broker Zak Kneider says he had received nine emails inquiring about the apartment by Wednesday evening.

The listing reads:

Live Like the President!!! Barack Obama's former apartment is now on the market for rent. Be a part of history and live where the President lived while he attended Columbia University. Who knows, you just might end up in the White House one day. The apartment is a two bedroom, one bath located on West 109 Street. Fully renovated with lots of charm - including exposed brick, high ceilings, a marble bath and hardwood floors. The apartment also features a galley kitchen, generous closet space, and best of all, its unbeatable dinner conversation! Call today to see this two bedroom home – it’s unique in so many ways.

All photos courtesy of CitiHabitats:

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Rent Obama's Former Upper West Side Apartment