Obama's Pre-Election Jonas Brothers Bet With Malia (VIDEO)

Obama's Pre-Election Jonas Brothers Bet With Malia (VIDEO)

In this behind-the-scenes video of the DNC in August, Barack Obama reveals the depths of his 10-year-old daughter Malia's crush on Nick Jonas and how it resulted in a $5 bet.

Obama first enters the room dancing, then asks Michelle "Whose iPod are we using? Malia's? A little Jonas Brothers?" Which reminds Michelle: she has a surprise for the girls. She's going on the "Ellen" Show with special guests...you guessed it!...the Jonas Brothers. The girls are not in school, so they're coming along. Barack high-fives Michelle and declares "That's big! Don't tell them at all. Particularly because I've got a bet with Malia because she's been talking about when she sees her Jonas Brother favorite ... what's his name? Nick ... when she sees Nick, she's going to be all sophisiticated. And I said, 'Malia, I will bet you $5 that you will stammer and not have anything to say when you see Nick.' So she's all, 'No, no, I'm sure I'll say I'm a really big fan...' you know Malia, acting all sophisticated... 'and I really enjoy his music'. I said, you won't say that!...So we've got a $5 bet." He continues, "I won't really take her money," then goes back to checking his Blackberry.


Watch Michelle Obama "meet" the Jonas Brothers on "Ellen":

Watch the Jonas Brothers perform after the show (you can see Michelle, Sasha and Malia dancing at 1:04 and 1:30):

Read about the Jonas Brothers surprise visit to the White House on inauguration night.

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