Obama's Run-In With A Persistent Photo-Seeker


Barack Obama was confronted by a pretty persistent photo-seeker in Philadelphia Wednesday. Turns out the guy was an eBay reseller, but watch an irked Obama handle the pesky Pennsylvanian:

Ben Smith at the Politico has the transcript, via Shailagh Murray of the Washington Post's pool report:

Run in #1: outside the first shop, on the way in

Man: Senator can I have a quick picture with you.

(Obama has his arm on the guys arm in a very nice way, like he does when he shakes peoples hand) but Obama refuses to take a picture and walks away.)
Man: It will take you two seconds. Don't cram me, I'm not doing anything to anybody. Jesus.

Run in #2: after the first shop
Man: "Senator can I get a picture with you?"
Obama: (slightly annoyed) "You are wearing me out, brother."
Man: "I got one with [Clinton] and I got one with McCain, come on Senator that'[s] not right."

Run in #3: in the street
Man: "Senator, can I please, a quick one?
Obama: (very annoyed) No, you know what no.
Man: Can I just say something to you real fast.
Obama: Yeah you can.
Man: I had one with [Clinton] had one with [McCain].
Obama: I am sure you do. Because when I was trying to talk to some kids - and I know look--

Man: No, my wife is a school teacher and she was there, she had to go back and that wasn't right what wont you just take a picture with me, I'm not asking you for a autograph -- its for my family.

Obama: Yea well whatever. Just take it. I won't be smiling. Because you're wearing me out. ....No no, you've been really rude about it. Just take a shot.

Obama and the man did not take a shot, the man was still arguing and the secret service stepped in (non confrontationally), just putting a hand between him and Obama.

Secret service: That's it.
Man: No I'm good. All I want is a picture that's it.

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