Obama's State Of The Union Polling Bump: One Point

Obama's State Of The Union Polling Bump: One Point

President Barack Obama received a one-point bump in his approval ratings after his State of the Union address, according to a new Gallup poll.

In the latest poll, released Sunday, 48 percent of respondents approved of the job the president was doing, while 46 percent disapproved.

Obama's approval and disapproval ratings were both at 47 percent in an earlier poll, taken before Wednesday's State of the Union Address.

CBS reported earlier in the week that 83 percent of viewers had a positive reaction to the State of the Union address.

The slight uptick in Obama's numbers is not surprising, according to Pollster.com, a polling Web site that notes historically, "[t]he audiences for the State of the Union tend to be heavily tilted toward the president's existing supporters."

As CBS reported,

Most Democrats and independents who watched said the president shares their priorities, while most Republicans did not.

Gallup's own numbers show that when it comes to approval ratings, past presidents have generally not benefited tremendously from their State of the Union speeches. One notable exception was Bill Clinton, who received a 10-point improvement after his speech to Congress in 1998.

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