Obie Award winner Heather Mac Crae's last show Beach Cafe. RUN! August 19, 9:15

Chosen by Time Out as Pick of the Week the magnificent Heather Mac Rae will grace the Beach Cafe with her silvery voice which will send chills up your spin as she sings songs from “Hair” in which she starred and everything from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Joni Mitchell and, of course, Cole Porter! The Beach Cafe is at 1326 2nd Ave, NYC. 212 988 7299.. Heather’s voice is magnificent. My heart aches as I will be unable to be with her to hear her share her spectacular voice with her friends and fans in the style of her wonderful parents Sheila and Gordon “Oklahoma” Mac Rae. While Heather’s parents are icons in the Twentieth Century, so is she. With a recent Obie for her performance in “Come Back Little Sheba”, she is a double treat as a performer. With a once in a lifetime voice and talent as an actress Heather is not someone to miss tonight.

She graced her presence at my wedding and sang for my mother in a cafe off of Lincoln Center along with her mother, Sheila. My ninety=five year old mother was blind in one eye and wheelchair bound but this did not stop these dynamic and caring women from trying to up lift a dying woman. They did not care while patrons starred. They continued to entertain and give joy to my Pa Dutch mother, Laura Lulu Wagner Heather is one of a kind. She also met Norman Mailer when we were together and lunched with us frequently. Heather is a great friend, great singr, great talent. Do not miss her tonight! You will have a night to remember.

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