This Man's Brilliant Obituary Is Just 2 Words Long

This Man's Obituary Is Just 2 Words Long

North Dakota newspaper The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead ran what is certainly one of the shortest obituaries ever published.

Accompanying a photograph and name of local resident Douglas Legler, the obit, which ran Wednesday, had just two simple words:

“Doug died.”

Legler’s daughter, Janet Stoll, says that her father had long insisted on a short and sweet death notice.

“He said over and over, when I die I want my obituary to just say 'Doug Died,’” Stoll told the Forum. ”[Other people's obituaries] would say 'he was the president of this, a director of this' and Dad would say, 'What, couldn't they hold down a job?'"

Stoll added that her dad, who died on Jun. 27 at the age of 85, was “very lighthearted and had a great sense of humor.”

According to the Forum, Legler worked for many years as a driver for the Nash Finch Company. He is said to have been a car enthusiast and an avid singer who loved country music.

In 2014, a similarly concise obituary made the news. The Local reported last April that a Swedish man named Stig Kernell had given strict instructions as to what his obituary would say.

Upon his death, a local newspaper ran the obit. “I am dead,” it said.

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