Why 'Hey Baby' Doesn't Work
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I would love for this to be a call to action for all women to free themselves of the humiliation and embarrassment of objectification in relationships, in the office -- everywhere. Share your experiences now with everyone, especially with the men in your life who care about you. Let go of the secrets we keep to ourselves that negatively affect our self esteem and self image.

Empower yourself now!

Start with turning the tables on being a physical object of verbal abuse. With pride, take a photo of your favorite body part, and on it, post your most proud, empowered accomplishment to date.
Do your part now!

I invite you to be a part of this campaign for your sisters, mother, daughters, friends and every little girl that will be born tomorrow and everyday after.

I have been a fashion designer since 1967, and spend decades working with women, witnessing the self-esteem and image issues we all experience. A bad hair day can take down the best of us and feeling fat in a skirt that's too tight can throw us off focus. How this did happen and why is it happening?

A designer hopes to make women feel good and empower them in the clothes they wear. We are successful for the most part in the pursuit of uplifting women. However, we realize the clothes can only do so much, and can't empower a woman when she is undressed or not feeling good about herself.

I have been thinking long and hard for many years and, in my opinion, objectification is something women experience more than men. Being objectified can have a long-term, devastating impact on our psyche. We are so embarrassed and humiliated, we never talk about the experiences.

It is taken for granted that it happens to women but no one really knows how deeply repeated incidents can manifest themselves in our body image and self esteem issues. So how can we change this? Talk about it with friends and especially with the men in your life, starting with your dad, and all the men who care about you, so they become aware of the pain involved because of the humiliation and embarrassment. Men really do care about women as we do about them. I am confident they will respond and bring awareness if we just let them know this dirty little secret.

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