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Sweet Cheeks, Snuggle Muffin, And 13 Other Nicknames That Need To Be Retired Immediately

Does your little snuggle honey bunny need a widdle huggy wuggy?

Just like there are pet names -- for actual pets -- that we find particularly odious (Bubba and Sheba come to mind), there also are sickeningly sweet pet names for loved ones that make us cringe.

From what we've read, women don't like to be called Honey Bunny or Sugar Momma -- or even Babe -- by their significant other. And when it comes to the men? Please don't call them Dreamboat or Shnookums. That's just cheesy.

We asked our Facebook fans what they thought were the most icky terms of endearment -- and we received some fun responses. "My friend's husband used to call her 'SugarDump'. We never quite figured that one out. Neither could she. May have been an omen to their future divorce," wrote Kimberly Minton Freeman.

Are you one of the countless people who suffer from horrendous-pet-name-itis? Check out our list of the pet names we find most obnoxious below.

1) Pork Chop

2) Poopsie

3) Poopsie Bear

4) Bubbles

5) Sweet Cheeks

6) Mother or Father or Mommy or Daddy

7) Doll

8) Snicky Boom Boom

9) Snuggle Muffin

10) Sausage

11) Stud Muffin

12) Sugar Booger

13) Boo Bear or Boo Boo -- or just Boo

14) My Baby or My Bear or My Bear Bear

15) Cookie Pops or Pudgy Pops

Heard of anything worse? Let us know in the comments.


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