Ob'omneycare! The Ultimate Mitt Romney 'Obamacare'-vs.-'Romneycare' Double-Talk Train Wreck (VIDEO)

Ob'omneycare! The Ultimate Mitt Romney 'Obamacare'-vs.-'Romneycare' Double-Talk Train Wreck (VIDEO)

What's more enjoyable than watching Mitt Romney attempt to bend, twist and wiggle his way through a contradictory political position? Not much.

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, as he prepares for what will likely be another presidential run in 2012 is that of distinguishing "Obamacare" -- the health care reform recently signed into law by President Obama and the bête noire of Republicans everywhere (which Romney must by necessity oppose with all the Tea Party-ish zeal he can muster) -- from "Romneycare." After all, the latter health care reform signed into law by Romney as Massachusetts governor in 2006 (which he must by necessity defend, since it's his primary legacy as governor) is strikingly similar to Obama's plan.

The headlines have been popping up with increasing frequency since Obama signed health care reform into law last week: "Mitt Romney's Health-Care Dilemma", "Romney leads charge against Obama health plan, although it looks a lot like his own in Mass.", "Pre-existing condition vexes Mitt Romney". Perhaps Matt Yglesias sums it up best: "Mitt Romney was for health care before he was against it. And in 2012, he's headed for a double-talking disaster that would make John Kerry cringe."

We now present to you that double-talking disaster in tightly edited video form, the ultimate Mitt Romney Obamacare-vs.-Romneycare Highlight Reel: "Ob'omneycare!"


Video produced by HuffPost's Ben Craw.

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