Obscure Baby Names: The Most Unique Baby Names Of 2011


Three years ago, HuffPost blogger Kate Quarfordt was sure she had found the perfect blend of unique, personal and not-too-weird in a name for her daughter. “My husband’s family is Swedish so we gave her what we thought was the most obscure one we could think of,” she says. “Siri.”

Now, Quarfordt’s daughter shares a name with the iPhone’s virtual personal assistant.

“Really Apple? We should have trademarked it before they swooped in,” she says.

BabyCenter’s Editor in Chief Linda Murray agrees that most expectant parents look for name that isn't too popular. "The top 10 is the list to avoid," she says. "I always love to look at the names that only two or three [members of our community] have chosen."

In an effort to provide inspiration for next year's parents, here are some of the names Murray was most surprised to see pop up in 2011. And while she says only a few kids will be walking around with these names in 2012, we can't guarantee Google won't steal one for their next product.

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