You're Out: 20 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade (PHOTOS)

The last ten years have brought us a windfall of new gadgets and gizmos, and with them, a new way of life.

Since 2000, we've gained iPods and iPads, Travelocity and Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, BlackBerry smartphones and Android devices, Xboxes and Wiis, among many other new services, sites, and electronics. We're now poking, tweeting, Googling, and Skyping.

But in that time we've also changed our habits and lost a few things, too. As we look forward to 2011, HuffPostTech has taken a look back at the things that have become obsolete (some of the these items were originally featured on an earlier list here) .

What other items or practices would you add to the list? Submit your own ideas by clicking "Add a Slide" below.

Obsolete This Decade