9 Clever Pranks Hilariously Hidden In Plain Sight

Comedy writer Jeff Wysaski is leaving a trail of LOL-worthy breadcrumbs around Los Angeles.

You might know his work from Twitter or his blog Pleated Jeans, but Wysaski's newest Tumblr, Obvious Plant, has a simple and hilarious premise: insert funny signage and other items in stores and public places, photograph them and leave them there.

"My favorite result came after I placed the fake self-help books at [Book Soup in LA]," Wysaski wrote in an email about one of the pranks. "Some intrepid Redditors figured out where they were and went up there to check them out. After pointing the books out to the store staff, they removed them from the shelves and placed them on a special display marked with a price tag of $7 million each. I love when the store has a good sense of humor about it."

While he doesn't always get to see the delighted (or so we assume) reactions from people who come across his work, but the magic lies in knowing that these little departures from reality are out there, trolling the gullible and giving the quick-witted something to Instagram. Check out 9 of his funniest endeavors so far:



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