Now You Can Give Oral Sex Long-Distance By Licking Your Phone

When it comes to oral, maybe it's time to start phoning it in

Smartphones allow people to check sports scores, send email and watch cat videos almost anywhere.

They now can also allow you to perform cunnilingus just by licking your phone.

That’s the idea behind “O-Cast,” a new digital marketplace that allows people to upload simulated oral sex sessions that can be then be downloaded on to a vibrator via bluetooth.

O-Cast spokesman Darren Press says his product is sort of an “iTunes for oral sex,” since the plan is to offer all sorts of different tongue patterns for download at the website.

O-Cast, an on-demand digital marketplace, is now allowing consumers to record simulated cunnilingus just by licking their phones.
O-Cast, an on-demand digital marketplace, is now allowing consumers to record simulated cunnilingus just by licking their phones.

It works like this: One person downloads a web app that records vibratory patterns made by licking the phone screen.

“You can also use your finger, but telling people to lick the phone helps the click bait,” Press told HuffPost. “If your phone screen is clean, you should be OK.”

Whether you use finger or tongue, those patterns last up to 60 seconds in length. They can be anything from circles, straight lines or even the alphabet.

Those vibratory patterns are then connected via bluetooth to the Lush, a remote control vibrator that sells for $100 a pop.

Press says the plan is to provide a place where men and women can record their oral technique so it can be sampled and, hopefully, appreciated by the world at large.

Press says the touchy technology was tested with the help of cam models working at his other business, CamSoda, an adult entertainment website.

He was surprised at what they discovered from the hands-on research.

“They gravitated towards the higher vibrations,” Press said. “I didn’t think they’d want a product that vibrates so aggressively. When I hold it, I can feel the vibes down my forearm.”

Adult entertainer Charley Hart tested out the product and was impressed by the results.

“I loved it,” she told HuffPost. “Nothing is like the real thing, but it’s great when the other person is far away.”

Hart plans to utilize it in her work as a cam model by letting fans “perform” on her by uploading their own oral sex performances during private shows (provided they pay an additional fee, of course).

But Hart can see other options for O-Cast, such as giving people who are unsure of their oral sex skills a chance to have them tested by sex experts, or be a calling card for those who are good at it.

“Guys who are good at it are rare, so a guy who is, I’m calling back!” she said.

Currently, there are 12 sample “orgasms” available for download with titles like “Getting Loco,” “Mushroom Cloud,” and “Sensual Bath.”

More will be added as people come to the website.

Whether this turns out to be the future of virtual sex remains to be seen.

A few months back, Press and company attempted to do something similar for fellatio, but sales have been limp.

“The device for that is expensive ― about $250,” he admitted. “It’s the best of its kind, but not quite there.”

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