Occupy DC Joined By Marchers From New York, Richmond

WASHINGTON -- Occupy DC's McPherson Square camp is getting a little bigger as protesters from Richmond and New York arrive by foot on Tuesday.

Patch caught up with the Richmond group on Monday, as the group of eight demonstrators walked on Route 1 in Fairfax County. "Public reaction ranged from outbursts of profanity to cheers of 'God bless you,'" according to Patch.

The Richmond group -- you can follow them on Twitter -- set out on Nov. 16 for their 126-mile walk. They will be demonstrating in Alexandria's Market Square from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. before walking the final nine-mile stretch to McPherson Square.

A larger group of demonstrators walking from New York expect to arrive in D.C. on Tuesday. The "Occupy the Highway" walkers -- there are either "50 and growing" or "two dozen" of them, depending on who you ask -- left New York on Nov. 10 for their approximately 230-odd mile march.

Washington Post reporter Elizabeth Flock walked along with the demonstrators, chronicling their blisters, their detours, their donated peanut butter sandwiches and their tiny schnauzers.

The New Yorkers will be holding a press conference in McPherson Square at noon on Tuesday. (A tweet put out by the McPherson Square Occupy protesters encourages those joining the marchers at the press conference to "Bring them treats!")

Wednesday is scheduled as a "day of action" - the demonstrators intend to shut down part of the District of Columbia, in protest of the congressional super committee's failure to reach a deficit reduction deal.

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