Occupy DC Q&A: What's Life Like After The Demise Of McPherson Square's Tent City? (PHOTOS)

WASHINGTON -- Does Occupy DC romance last once the tents of McPherson Square have come down? And does Occupy DC itself last once the tents have come down, for that matter?

Occupy DC's four-month old tent city in McPherson Square was largely dismantled on Feb. 5 after a day-long standoff with U.S. Park Police that resulted in 11 arrests. While there's nobody living in the tents that remain in the park, that doesn't mean the movement is dead. Members of the demonstration have vowed to continue their movement.

The Huffington Post went back to McPherson Square recently to catch up with two of Occupy DC's most visible demonstrators -- their Occupy-sparked relationship was detailed in The Washington Post -- to find out what is happening with the movement and if their relationship has changed with the end of the tent city.

The pair also said that moving a relationship from McPherson Square to the real world -- at least the real world of Jewler's parents' house -- hasn't been that hard.