'Occupy Denver' Group Stands In Solidarity With Wall Street Protesters (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Over the weekend a group of demonstrators expanded the Wall Street protests in New York to the State Capitol Building in Denver. "Occupy Denver" has begun and plans on continuing to gather daily, indefinitely.

The protesters told 9News that they are a leaderless resistance movement and that they will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of Wall Street. The protests over the weekend were peaceful and there were no arrests.

According to The Denver Post, on Sunday the group marched from Civic Center Park, their de facto base of operations, to the Denver branch of the Federal Reserve Bank on 16th Street Mall.

The protesters told CBSDenver that it’s time for everyone to join forces to make sure the government hears the message.

There were varying reports on the size of the gatherings over the weekend, but according to protestor Tweets, it may have reached nearly 400 people on Saturday, with fewer numbers on Sunday. But the group plans on keeping the protest alive in Denver, holding “general assembly” meetings every day at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. in front of the Capitol building on Broadway between Colfax Ave. and 14th Ave., according to the group’s “Occupy Denver” website.

On their website, the protesters have outlined their rules at the Civic Center Park basecamp:

  1. We are non-violent
  2. If anyone requests an escort off of the occupation for fears of safety someone will assist them
  3. The People’s Mic is to be used as the means of communication at every General Assembly
  4. Be respectful to laws
  5. Don’t Litter
  6. We include everyone and police ourselves
  7. I don’t recall if our police protocol that was proposed and passed was made a camp rule. We will have to address this at the next General Assembly

Occupy Denver is a local protest in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. The Wall Street protest is entering its third week of demonstrations in Zuccotti Park which escalated over the weekend with approximately 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Daily Mail reports that what started with 12 students in Wall Street has spread to several major cities across the nation including, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle as well as Denver.

For more information about the protests visit Occupy Denver's website or their Facebook page. More information about the national demonstrations at Occupy Together.